Support Education

Both on-line and in-person training programs are being developed for both patients with pain conditions and health professionals who care for people with pain conditions. The training programs will be available through the Chronic Pain Research Network and the International Myopain Society at The training programs will include: Patient training programs and Health professionals training program

Patient training programs:These on-line training programs provide both didactic and experiential knowledge on what day to day changes can be made to prevent chronic pain from continuing. The courses will include assessments to understand a person’s risk and protective factors for chronic pain, daily actions to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors to prevent chronic pain, and use of a health coach to support individuals in making needed changes.
Health professionals training program:Health professionals can become trained and certified in adopting transformative care model for preventing chronic pain. Transformative care model integrates evidence-based treatments with robust self-management training to both alleviate the pain as well as transform a patient’s life into one of health and wellness. Both treatments and principles and paradigms of the care model are presented in these credential workshops. See for the course on preventing chronic pain a human systems approach.