Environment and Safety

Ensuring that the physical environment that surrounds us and interact with regularly is a safe and healthy.

Goals to attain

In creating your mind realm, some of the goals you may want to attain:

  • Keep environment safe, uncluttered and organized to prevent accidents
  • Maintain clean home and lifestyle to avoid infection and illness
  • Maintain clean air and a smoke-free work and home setting
  • Appropriate use of medications to avoid side effects and adverse events
  • Practice safe daily routine to reduce risk of injury and trauma

Reduce lifestyle risk factors

Environmental risk factors are often associated with disorganization, clutter, chaos, injury-prone, frequent falls and injuries, high risk-taking, high infection-risk with fragmented health care, poor outcomes, more adverse events and side effects, and higher risk of chronic pain. The following risk factors need to be reduced to Strengthen wellness and prevent chronic pain:

  • Clutter: Maintaining a cluttered and disorganized environment creates a safety risk
  • Unclean: Lack of cleaning and maintaining a healthy spaces increases infection risk
  • Driving fast, reckless, or distracted will increase accident risk
  • Trip: Trip, slip, or fall when hurrying and not paying attention
  • Chaos: A chaotic, out of control and difficult to manage environment increases risk
  • Accident prone: Being clumsy with frequent falls and accidents
  • Reckless: Taking risk in daily activities with extreme sports and activities
  • Air quality: Regular exposure to smoke, odors, dust, and air pollutants
  • Temperature: Regular exposure to cold or hot temperatures
  • Regular exposure to excess noise and vibration

Strengthen Protective factors

Environmental protective factors are often associated with a life that is orderly, organized, and clean. When life is organized, there is less injuries, trips, falls, low risk-taking, and low infection-risk. There is often limited well-planned health care, good outcomes, less adverse events and side effects, and lower risk of chronic pain. The following protective factors need to be done to Strengthen wellness and prevent chronic pain:

  • Organization: Maintain an orderly, organized, and clean environment
  • Cleanliness: Maintain personal and environmental cleanliness to prevent injections
  • Driving: Drive carefully and defensively since accidents happen frequently
  • Prevent accident: Being cautious, careful and active to prevent accidents
  • Avoid risk: Avoid personal risks through extreme sport and activities to avoid injury
  • Air purity: Ensure you breath clean particle-free air