Spirit and Beliefs

Maintaining higher level beliefs, purpose, and direction that support health, productivity, and passion in life.

Goals to attain

In creating your spiritual realm, the goals you want to attain include:

  • Feel good about yourself when alone
  • Have compassion for myself and appreciate my strengths and weaknesses
  • Know my purpose and direction in life with good understanding of the path my life is taking
  • Have faith and optimism that life will work out
  • Define hopes and dreams for the future
  • Develop an strong inner strength
  • Be inspired to go beyond what is expected

Reduce lifestyle risk factors

Spiritual risk factors involving lack of faith, hope, and purpose are often associated with fragmented health care, poor outcomes, low compliance with treatment or self-management, relationship issues, low self esteem, mood disorders, high stress, feeling lost, burn-out, and higher risk of chronic pain. The following risk factors need to be reduced to Strengthen wellness and prevent chronic pain:

  • Stress: Feel stressed out and overwhelmed by life circumstances
  • Burn-out: Feeling lost in life with little meaning
  • Hate: Contempt, loathing, and animosity towards others
  • Low self esteem: Self-hate and loss of self-worth and self-compassion
  • Lack of purpose: Loss of purpose and direction in life
  • Loss of beliefs: Disrupted beliefs and assumptions that shake the foundation for understanding life.
  • Loss of faith: Loss of faith and feeling hopeless about life
  • Doubt: Disbelief, cynicism, and doubt about the goodness that life has to offer

Strengthen Protective factors

Spiritual protective factors include strong purpose, direction, hope, and faith in the future are often associated with less and more successful health care, good compliance with treatment and self-management, supportive relationships, good self esteem and stable moods, and lower risk of chronic pain. The following protective factors need to be done to Strengthen wellness and prevent chronic pain:

  • Develop a deep and unconditional acceptance and love for self and others
  • Purpose: Develop a clear life direction with purpose and meaning
  • Beliefs: Strengthen the core belief system and gives power and energy to life’s goals
  • Insight: Learn to know yourself by being authentic, accepting, and facing fears by letting go of the past
  • Inner strength: Develop strong faith in the goodness of life that drives our energy and motivation.
  • Self-esteem: Practice affirmations (positive statements) and appreciate personal qualities.
  • Inspiration: Create a vision that is inspired by others and inspiring to others
  • Prayer: Ask for help through contemplative prayer to help clarify aspects of life.
  • Meditation: Practice daily meditation and mindfulness of the seven realms of life
  • Gratitude: Appreciate those factors that contribute to a happy, healthy, peaceful fulfilled life.