Toolkit for Health Professionals

Nearly 2/3rds of all visits to a health professional is for pain conditions. By adding self-management training with their treatments, health professionals will improve the quality, outcomes and satisfaction of the care they provide. Bring transformative care and preventing chronic pain to your clinic. The toolkit includes an in-person training seminar for clinical staff and health professionals, patient assessment and personalized training program, reimbursement protocols, patient materials and handouts, media releases, and resources for preventing chronic pain.

Health Professional Toolkit

The Toolkit for health professionals will facilitate implementation of transformative care in the clinic setting. Developed with grants from the National Institutes of Health, this tool kit will help health professionals train patients in self-management and support the success of evidence-based treatments such as medication, injections, devices, and surgery.

What’s in the Health Professional Toolkit?

An email or text to the patient allows a patient to be easily registered in the training program with consent forms and simple instructions for training and, optional use of a health coach. Each Toolkit includes:

  1. Pain Assessment: This on-line assessment instrument will help patients measure pain, identify risk factors, review protective factors, and establish goals to achieve
  2. Self Management Training: A self-paced on-line self-management training programs for preventing chronic pain that covers risk and protective factors in each of the seven realms including mind, body, lifestyle, emotions, spirit, social and physical environment
  3. Health coaching: Coaches are available via video conferencing to support the patient in achieving their goals in preventing chronic pain. Cost is billed separately.
  4. Resources: Preventing chronic pain books, handouts, resources, and pain preventing tools are also available to all patients to help them.

Is Patient Training Reimbursed?

Both the on-line training program and the health coach are reimbursed by many health plans. An estimated reimbursement for implementing this clinical program is about a 3 to 1 ratio. This means for every $1 invested, the clinic receives about $3 in reimbursement.

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On-Line Continuing Education Preventing Chronic Pain

A free continuing education program for health professionals in Preventing Chronic Pain is offered by the University of Minnesota at 20 hours of on-line continuing education credit that blends creative, experiential, and evidence-based knowledge on chronic pain and how a human systems approach and transformative care can be applied to improve care. The first year of the course was successful with over 40,000 registrants. Of the participants who completed the initial course evaluation, 93% believed the course made a difference in their life and 85% of health providers believe that it made a difference in their care of patients. As one health professional stated, “Absolutely fascinating and enlightening. This information should be part of every health care educational program!”

Two-day Certification Seminar

The goal of the in person seminar and workshop is to help health professionals and their staff become trained and certified in transformative care with the goal of implementing it as part of routine clinical practice. The two-day seminar and workshop includes:

  1. The chronic pain dilemma
  2. Principles of transformative care
  3. Clinical team goals and planning
  4. Use of technology
  5. Use of health coaching
  6. Implementation of training programs
  7. Ongoing evaluation of outcomes