A transformative care model preventing chronic pain is a rare win-win-win for patients, health care professionals, and business.

  • Win for patients. Improve their success in improving chronic pain, health, and wellness.
  • Win for health professionals. Improve the outcomes of care by providing patients with more care options that integrates self-management training with bio-medical treatments.
  • Win for businesses. Lower health care costs and increase productivity by decreasing work loss and disability due to chronic pain.

This triple win is the goal of the People’s Campaign for Preventing Chronic pain. The Campaign is about the people: Helping each and every person who has or will have chronic pain prevent it. The three objectives include.

  1. Expanding research and development on preventing chronic pain with the development of the Chronic Pain Research Network as well as strategies and tools that health professionals can use to identify causes of chronic pain and ways improve their prevention and early management of chronic pain conditions.
  2. Expanding education of both patients and health professionals on how to prevent chronic pain using a transformative care model and employ it with each patient. Creative interactive and engaging web-based training programs for patients and “how to do it” certification workshop for health professionals are being developed as part of this campaign to implement transformative care model in every community.
  3. Expanding advocacy to increase awareness of the importance of preventing chronic pain by health plans, businesses, government agencies, and communities and asking people and businesses to “Take the Chronic Pain Challenge” and tell their story of how they prevented chronic pain and how both individuals and groups can work together to solve the big elephant in the room of health care.